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loves to spazz, loves to rant, loves the music and the dance.

writing comes second to breathing, head brimming with thoughts and seeking little treats of joy every day.


Hello everyone! I have just reached my 10,000 follower and in honour of that pretty amazing and unlikely event, I’m doing my first ever giveaway! I’m really excited about this because even though it’s pretty small I think it’s super cute and is just a gesture of how much I appreciate and love y’all.

So what you’ll receive is:

  • The bookmark pictured above, made by the very talented Jessi (who will take commissions if you’d like one of these but don’t win.) 
  • A handwritten letter from me 
  • A mixed CD with a homemade CD cover (that I’ve already made and am incredibly proud of.) 
  • A poem written for you on the subject of your choice. 
  • An Art Blanc notebook 
  • A copy of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (which I will send via Amazon depending on where you live.) 
  • A copy of The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
  • A few rings and a leaf necklace and other cute things 
  • and a selection of British chocolate and sweets.  
  • (I’ll probably add to this list as I find and look for more things.) 

To enter: 

  • Reblog this post as many times as you like, I’ll pick a URL through a random number generator on the 30th of March
  • Please be following me, mostly because a lot of these things are personal and I’d like for you to know who I am a lil bit 
  • Be comfortable with allowing me to use your home address 
  • If your URL is picked I’ll message you and if I don’t get a response within 24 hours I’ll redraw 

Thank you and good luck!

Azra x 

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WAOWOO! I’ve somehow gotten 8,000 FOLLOWERS!!

To celebrate, I’m doing this giveaway!

I always found it depressing when I see artists mention that their tablets have broken and/or they just don’t have the means to get one to do digital art, SO in celebration of all my new followers, I will be giving away THREE of these Monoprice 8x5 Graphic Drawing Tablets (4000 LPI, 200 RPS, 2048 Levels) to THREE SEPARATE WINNERS!

I will be drawing random numbers using a random number generator to determine the winners for this!

You do not need to follow me to enter this giveaway!

The rules are simple:

1. You can only like/reblog once!

2. You must live in one of the following countries since I will have it shipped directly to you from Monoprice’s site!

United States, Puerto Rico, APO/FPO, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay and Venezuela.

3. Please have an actual shipping address that I can have this delivered to!

This giveaway will end on March 1st, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST!

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Someone might be well-versed in social justice issues, may have read all the literature, might be really good at organizing people. Maybe others look up to them, maybe they’re an “expert”. Maybe they’re a social media wizard.

But maybe they’re also condescending. Maybe they’re aggressively self-centred. Fighting the “good fight” does not give anybody a free pass to be a shitty person. Oh, so you can analytically unpack institutionalized racism - clearly that means you can talk down to people who know less than you. OH you understand the nuances and intricacies of mental health issues - please, go ahead and eschew any opportunities for constructive criticism about yourself because everyone else is wrong, and you are always right.

When a poisonous personality bleeds into activism, it is frustrating. There is a difference between anger and hate. Hate is about destruction. Anger is about change. (see: Audre Lorde, Uses of Anger) When one person’s hate is masquerading as anger, it discredits all of us who are really angry. It makes a mockery of those of us who want real, lasting change.

Come here, armed with your anger, ready to do the hard things.
Do not come here, filled with your hate, pretending to be a team player when really you’re only looking out for #1.

Christian Aldana 

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Those of you weirdos who frequent my blog - take note. No one but your feet kissing comrades on tumblr will ever take you seriously.

More recommendations: bell hooks - Killing Rage

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right. so i haven’t been on tumblr lately, if only because real life demands you know. i’m breaking my fandom hiatus for a signal boost on just a fraction of how media represents the aftermath of typhoon yolanda.

yolanda affected a lot of areas in the visayas region, not just three or four…

adding to the list of posts from accounts from people who have been there or hail from the area:


Tumblr Tuesday – Aide humanitaire aux Philippines

Voici une sélection de blogs pour tout savoir sur l’aide humanitaire déployée aux Philippines.

Official Gazette

Directement depuis le bureau du Président des Philippines.


Ce blog nous présente les efforts humanitaires déployés par Unicef dans le monde. Actuellement, les dons réalisés servent à fournir des kits médicaux, des trousses d’hygiène et de l’eau potable aux communautés philippines touchées par la tragédie. Visitez le site web d’Unicef en cliquant ici.

Oxfam GB

Un regard porté sur les enfants philippins qui vivent actuellement dans les zones d’évacuation. Les habitants du Royaume-Uni peuvent faire un don de 5 £ en envoyant DONATE par SMS à 70066. Vous pouvez également aller jeter un œil au site d’Oxfam France.  

Médecins sans frontières

Dans son blog, l’organisation Médecins sans frontières documente sa poursuite d’un meilleur traitement pour la tuberculose et ses interventions d’urgence lors de catastrophes naturelles. Les équipes du chargement sont en train de préparer les approvisionnements qui seront acheminés par cargo aux Philippines, l’un des 60 pays qu’aide Médecins sans frontières chaque année.

In Other News

Chaque jour, ce blog fait le point sur l’actualité mondiale. Restez informés sur ce qui se passe aux Philippines, trouvez des façons de vous impliquer et obtenez une liste des organisations qui collectent vos dons pour les populations sinistrées.

Pour savoir comment vous pouvez aider vos proches et amis qui sont aux Philippines, cliquez ici

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Male fox reacting to seeing a female fox.

"wOAH shit she’s hot"









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Segundas Pieles (Second Skins) |    Miguel Vallinas Prieto

You guys! Look at them! it’s animals wearing clothes, and no just any clothes, but super fancy-pants/fashionable clothes. 

Be sure to check out Unknown Editors on Tumblr & Facebook

well at least we know the artist’s got good taste


This little guy is called a pika, and he loves bringing people flowers.

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I don’t know what to do. I am so upset. Can anyone help me?

My painting was created back in 2010, (see it HERE) and since then so many people have expressed their love for it, not just on tumblr, but in many places. At least 9 people had it tattooed on their bodies. It’s one of my favourite images I created at University and I was proud of it in many ways.

Disney have used it on a cosmetics bag HERE (look at the back)
and they have produced a Tshirt HERE with a really similar design clearly modeled from my painting

I’m so mad because I have no chance at getting Disney to do anything about it. I had so much respect for the company and now I am just SO upset and disappointed.

Any help, advice or signal boosting would be amazing. And thank you so much to the kind person who messaged me about this.